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HOW receives the Ambassador of South Africa to Palestine

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6-3-2017_AMarch 6, 2017, The House of Wisdom Institute for Conflict Resolution and Governance (HOW) received the Ambassador of South Africa to the Palestinian Authority Mr. Ashraf Suleiman,


and his first secretary Patrick Jacob and advisor Simon Mottle. This south African delegation was received by Dr. Ahmed Youssef, the Head of Board of Trustees of HOW, and Mohmmed Al-Qattawi, the Programs Manager, and HOW members.

Ambassador Suleiman and Dr. Youssef discussed the current political situation and the implications of the division on economic and social situation in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, Ambassador Suleiman gave a lecture for the young generation on the experience of South Africa in achieving reconciliation, resolving internal conflicts and lessons learned for Palestinians. As well as, he called on the Palestinian youth to take all efforts and costs to advocate their cause and restore their basic rights.