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Glass Work

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Invented in Mesopotamia around 2500 BC and later brought to Egypt, glass most famously dates back to the Phoenicians and Roman times.

Hebron is the centre of glass production in modern times, and glassware produced there has been painted in Gaza for many years. The process involves painting an etched glass with a series of paints in an artistic manner to create the translucent matt effect of the famous Hebron Glass. The etched glass is spun on a diaphanous with a subtle interplay of colour  and tone from the various colours used and the artistic overlay of hue and depth.

Other effects include gliding and painting images onto the glass.

The largest  market for this is in the Old City of Jerusalem, where the enormous range of shapes and sizes can be seen together.


Guide to Crafts In Gaza.

Added By: Arch. Lina A. AbuHamra.