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The Palestinian Embroidery

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Embroidery has been used to decorate cloth and clothing for centuries. The use of embroidery in Palestine is a traditional way for women to express both individual skill and a connection to their own village and peers.

As a Palestinia  traditional craft it has been handed down through many generations.

Traditional embroidery work utilizes a variety of techniques to make attractive decoration, one of which is

Embroidery is sold from outlets that represent in some cases hundreds of women working from their homes.

Cross-stitch and other techniques are still learnt at home, taught by older generations, passed from mother to daughter. The sewing of cross-stitch is relatively simple, however making a large patterned item in this fashion takes perseverance, skill and accuracy, and takes years to perfect.

Each stitch must be the right color, placed correctly and of uniform size. Outworkers, who are paid by the number of bobbins of embroidery thread used in an item, complete this painstaking work in their homes..Finishing, using machine sewing, includes such activities as hemming, lining or making- up an embroidered fabric into a cushion cover, dress or jacket is carried out by Traditional Palestinian dresses are available in many styles of embroidery, and there are also jackets, shawls, waistcoats, cushion covers, wall, hangings and a plethora of other attractive items with the distinctive patterned embroidery, in both traditional and modern colors.

There is a small private museum collection of traditional dresses and other clothing, held by UNRWA at their Gaza Field Office.


Guide to Crafts In Gaza.

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