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The General Objectives of  The House of Wisdom are as follows:

1. Introduce and expand understanding concerning the cause of the Palestinian people and their rights.

This includes:

  • Explaining the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Demonstrating the effects of Israeli policies on the Palestinian people. 
  • Influencing the International Community's stance on the Palestinian cause through established International Law. 
  • Highlighting the danger of Israeli settlement activities in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

2. Effectively and accurately present the conflict from a Palestinian perspective.

This includes:

  • Presenting objective studies based upon established International Law, clarifying the rights of the Palestinian people.
  • Assisting and providing guidance to the Palestinian media and political establishments.
  • Providing media material to Palestinian embassies overseas in order to build their capacities.
  • Documenting the consequences and negative effects of the Israeli siege.
  • Providing robust and informed opposition to the Israeli narrative and allegations by following their output closely.

3. Work on bridging the gap between the Arab and Western worlds in order to lay the groundwork for positive dialogue.

This includes:

  • Training the youth in engagement methods in order effectively contact the West.
  • Developing balanced and informed dialogue with the West.
  • Studying the influences on Western decision makers when considering the Palestinian cause.

4. Guide and assist Palestinian policy making with the aim of practising good governance.

This includes:

  • Offering bespoke courses to the Palestinian decision makers.
  • Providing fresh perspectives and innovative recommendations to decision makers.
  • Strengthening the concept of good governance in the younger generation.
  • Highlighting actions that contradict good governance.
  • Providing targeted training to governmental departments.