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HOW discusses the Future of the Two-State Solution in the Age of President Trump

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22-7-2017The House of Wisdom for Conflict Resolution and Governance organized an open discussion session for intellectuals in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture (MOC)


under the title “The Future of the Two-State Solution in the Age of President Trump and Alternative Options”. A number of Palestinian intellectuals, analysts, writers and researchers. The attendees confirmed on the existence of a unified Palestinian national project that overcomes the Palestinian division, and stressed on the importance of organizing a wide-world campaign to confront the policies of the American president-elect Donald Trump which violated international laws.

The Deputy Minister of MOC, Anwar Barawi, said that MOC keens to strengthen the position of the Palestinian cause. Holding this discussion was timely to the internal division which deteriorated the Palestinian cause.

In a commentary on the discussion theme, Dr. Ahmed Youssef explained the stance of the current American administration on the two-state solution following the recent statements of the president-elect Trump, and he raised the question on the new vision of America in the region.

He added that Palestinians witness a very dangerous position, as Israel continues to expand its settlement activities and joining the territories that include Israeli settlements. On the other side, the two-state solution will force Palestinians to compromise 78% of their territories to Israel.

On this context, Dr. Salah Abdel-Ati talked about the position of the international humanitarian law towards the foreign policy of America against the Palestinian State, explaining that America, along its times, supported Zionists and breeched the laws of the international Bills. Where America stood by the side of Israel for more than 42 times regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict, despite that America claims that it seeks peace. History proved that America dismissed the international humanitarian law in Oslo Accords and supported Israel in this context.

In addition, he confirmed that the Palestinian people have four scenarios to confront the two-state solution: continuing negotiations with setting pressure on President Abbas or the PA, launching a regional and political operation, keeping the current situation as it is, or trying to promote the bi-national state under the settlement activities.

At the end of the discussion, all participants confirmed on restoring the Palestinian national unity, building a national strategy based on national values, eliminating the security coordination, enabling the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to understand the international legislations and laws and to connect with the international debate to confront the policies of Trump, and finally confirming on the rights of Palestinians.