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We seek to be the best in providing the true narrative of the Palestinian cause and the perspective the Palestinian leadership to the world in a professional and pragmatic approach. Besides, we seek to build and train Palestinian capacities.

Todays Highlights


The Political Club of PYAN team organizes a seminar on the political awareness.

The Political Club of PYAN team hosted Dr. Mustafa Al-Sawwaf, one of the most famous Palestinian journalists and politicians, in a meeting entitled "The Political Awareness".

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PYAN hosts the first meeting within its Political Club

Wednesday 29 June 2016, The Political Club which works under the Palestinian Youth Advocacy Network (PYAN), carried out the first meeting of figures' encounter series, where the club hosted Dr. Mahmoud Ajrami, the Palestinian security expert and strategist.


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Terrorism, between ideology and politics

The act of terrorism that took place recently, in Orlando, and claimed the lives of nearly hundred civilians, between killed and wounded, has brought back the discourse about "Islamic terrorism" resoundingly, resulting the consequent increase of suffering amongst people of Islamic and Arab communities because of the growing phenomenon of "Islamophobia" in Western countries.

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On The Occasion Of the International Day of Refugees

66% of Palestinians who were living in Historic Palestine (British-Mandated Palestine) in 1948 were Expelled and Displaced.

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